Celebrity Travel Addicts: Macca Sherifi of An Adventurous Earth

We fulfill with Macca Sherifi, the world traveller, photographer, along with presenter supporting the travel site An Adventurous World. We talk with Macca regarding his journey from student to traveling more, his information plus blogger. Take a look at his favourite restaurant and learn what’s next for you!

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Macca Sherifi of An Adventurous Earth

How did your passion for traveling get started?

I need to mention as I was envisioned in Jordan, before I was born! I was fortunate to have parents that are really intrepid though, so for them there going involved a household holiday into the Gambia instead of someplace like Spain. They were put off by the fact that a coup was happening in the time in 1994!

Just how are you currently traveling in any given calendar year? Which are the sorts of places you like to see?

I didn’t actually discover the love until I was 20 when I moved off to Thailand. It was on this trip that I realised encounter different people’s cultures and I wanted to travel as much as I can.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Macca Sherifi of An Adventurous Earth

Your travel site, An Adventurous World, has been established in 2014. It has since won awards and was featured in publications around the world. To what would you attribute its success?

I’m on the street for approximately 6 months of the year and it’s all travelling over the whole world. That I adore Southeast Asia and South America too, although I love exploring new areas I’ve never been around before. I have a soft spot for those two areas and am glad going back there.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Macca Sherifi of An Adventurous Earth

Before becoming a full-time traveler and blogger, you started out researching and afterwards worked as a journalist and then a traveling journalist. What was that journey like? Is there anything you wish you had known ahead?

Great question! Frankly, it’s been a good deal of hard work through the years and I’m little in comparison to on the market. However, I’ve always tried to locate the joy in everywhere I go and to inform how things are .

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Macca Sherifi of An Adventurous Earth

One of the most unique blog articles is one where you share various methods you have”f***ed up” while vacationing, including a disease you picked up in Bangladesh, getting your camera stolen at Colombia, and more. Is it important that you discuss these moments?

I think it would’ve been a lot more easy to study film or photography in uni rather than biochemistry although it’s simple to mention over a decade after!

What do you want audiences learn and to get from the job?

Saying that, biochemistry gave a really analytical mind which actually helped with the journalism and travel books to me, and now I’ve carried that through into blogging also. I make sure I compose in a way.

Which are?

I believe in the present Instagram-driven society everyone thinks life is perfect. And when it is not, it ought to be.

Give us a’Top 5′ list for a few of the top 3 destinations. Like even a to-do list of sorts or a mini-guide. It may be anything in your favourite hotel, best spot to have lunch, finest holiday, etc..

Life isn’t like this at all. It’s a journey with plenty of downs and ups and bizarre experiences on the way. I believe it important to talk about those downs with people to empathise with them. I’ve always found I’ve learned a lot more about myself if something goes wrong than simply taking it easy to get a beach somewhere! Life is not perfect, I’m certainly not perfect, and I think that it’s important to record this and remind folks that that’s okay also.

How many nations have you visited up to now?

I only need to inspire people to travel and see the world. There are so many awesome cultures and experiences on the market — then I’m glad if I could get folks do find out that for themselves!

Which are the top 3 favourite perfumes?

That is obviously a question but I’m not one to sit on the fence. I’d say Greenland, India and Colombia.

What’s your favourite restaurant on the planet? What dish would you recommend there?

For Greenland, I would say:

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Macca Sherifi of An Adventurous Earth

What’s your favourite traveling movie?

I think I’m at the 77 mark? Around that number.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Macca Sherifi of An Adventurous Earth

What’s your favorite airport?

Italian, thai, Indian.

I’m pleased with any of these.

Which city had the most friendly people?

Disfrutar at Barcelona.

It was recently voted as the 9th greatest restaurant on the planet. I had a banquet, when I was there and it was undoubtedly the best meal I’ve ever had. Frankly, it’s just so so good. Worth seeing with Barcelona only for this particular location.

Who’s your favourite traveling companion?

Into the Wild.

What a movie that is (makes me cry each time also…)

What’s the ideal method to kill time?

Changi International Airport in Singapore is great (an obvious choice), but the very small airport at Cornwall, UK, is brilliant also. It is possible to get off the airplane to your own hire car in under 10 minutes — maybe not many areas where you are able to do this!

What’s the most exotic location your career has taken you?

I would say the folks. I have an remarkable time there and I love partying with the locals too.

What’s your piece?

This is a simple one. My fiancé and fellow traveling blogger Wanderlust Chloe!

What are 4 things you can never travel without?

I would probably state listening and studying to music. I wish I was not on my phone but that will come with the work.

What’s your dream destination?

Perhaps Raja Ampat in Indonesia?

It’s one of the very beautiful and pristine areas in the world, hard and very secluded to get to. That was an actual”pinch me” instant.

What’s your favourite traveling quotation?

Make sure to do it. I see folks needing to become bloggers these days merely to make money. You should want to become a blogger of telling stories for the love, not for the cash.

Where are you headed next?

Always a good question! My camera, phone (mostly for the audio ), Kindle plus notebook? Since when I need to change off from it I visit when I’m travelling in my my Kindle is my most prized possession.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Macca Sherifi of An Adventurous Earth


I’d say someplace like Ecuador which has a little bit of what — the cosmopolitan cities with amazing restaurants, lovely beaches where it is possible to go surfing, along with some other amazing experiences like trekking Cotopaxi volcano. Oh, then there’s the Galapagos Islands also! Though that is for certain I’d like to do another long trip!

“The world is a book, and those who don’t travel only read one page.” — St Augustine

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Macca Sherifi of An Adventurous Earth

Dominica in the Caribbean

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