Poland Off The Beaten Path Destinations You Will Require Visit

Poland is a country famous for its cities and towns reminiscent of medieval and Jewish heritage. But while it is famous for its roots, Poland is home to one-of-a-kind tourist destinations that many may find unusual yet interesting.

Zalipie Village

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Crooked Forest

Start of your excursion with something colorful and vibrant. Zalipie is a tiny ancient village located in South-Eastern Poland famous for its little wooden cottages painted in hues that are different.

Chapel in Czermna

Dubbed as the most beautiful village in Poland, Zalipie’s beginnings may be traced over a century ago when a lady in Zalipie began painting designs on her cabin to conceal some pieces that were undesirable. Ever since that time, girls in the village began doing it in their various homes. As years ago, more layouts were integrated by girls such as nature and folklore.

Poland Off The Beaten Path Destinations You Will Require Visit

Hel Peninsula

Tucked in western Poland is the Mysterious Crooked Forest located near the town of Gryfino.

The woodlands, stated to be mysterious because of its pines trees that were curved, had been believed to be implanted in the 1930s. What makes this woods mysterious is that the theory on the way its 400 pine trees were bent. From having a pull into some snow capped off with a lengthy spring melt theories on its own origin vary. Up to this day, the cause of the Crooked Forest trees has not been confirmed.

Bialowieza Forest

Czermna is a little city in south east of Poland visited due to its chapel. It is a home into the Skull Chapel but with a story that is frightening.


Made up of 21, 000 pieces of bones and human skulls, the Skull Chapel was constructed in 1776 by priest Vaclav Tomasek. The chapel is at commemoration of the 3, 000 civilians and soldiers who perished in Ten Years’ War, cholera outbreaks and Silesian Wars. The regional priests accumulated all their stays and arranged them to earn a grand catacomb.

Elbl?g Canal

The Hel Peninsula is a long, sandbank Resulting in the Baltic Sea located in the north West of Tri-City.

It had been formed winds and by sea currents and were made up of inlets. A variety of spots can be visited by tourists in Hel such as the memorial park commemorating the 1939 defense of this town .

Colorful Lakelets

The Fokarium is a place where three big pools serve to Baltic grey seals. Besides these, it is possible to even visit museums and lighthouse . Peninsula are villages and fishing ports. Tourists can go round from July and August, throughout the summer season in Poland, throughout road and railways.

Poland Off The Beaten Path Destinations You Will Require Visit

Another Woods worthy to See is Bialowieza Forest, Declared as Puszcza Bialowieska, located in Brest and Grodno regions of Belarus.

The forest in Western Plain, Bialowieza Forest is also home to over 800 Europe’s heaviest land animal, bison.

It was announced to guard the bisons. During the World War I, harms were suffered by the woods, including over 200 bisons. In 1939, the woods was named as Bialowiza National Park. It was named as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Outdoor lovers will find solace in Tarnica, a peak in the Bieszczady Mountains in Southern Poland.

One Tarnica’s summit, of the Polish Crown Peaks is 500 meters above Wolosatka Valley. At the top of Tarnica, you may observe the coastal mountain pastures of cities. You might catch a peek of the Slovakian Carpathians if weather conditions are favorable. Bieszczady Mountains tend to be less popular than Tatra Mountains and the Zakopane, that it’s certainly worth going there

Running southward from Lake Druzno into the River Drweca and Lake Jezioral, Elblag Canal welcomes tourists as a Member of the official Historic Monuments of Poland .

It is the longest working inland waterway system in 130 kilometers of Europe, with all the boat moves on the floor in some stretches of the route. The waterway contributes to the Dransensee, a nature book for water birds that are secure.

Mines during the 18th century have been left in Rudawy Janowickie, close Kamienna Góra that was formed into three synthetic ponds known as Colourful Lakelets. As years go by, these ponds showed its beauty with chemicals.

Poland Off The Beaten Path Destinations You Will Require Visit

The Purple Lakelet includes components in it of iron and sulphur. The Azure Lakelet has while Gustav Grube stays dry through the year, aluminum ions that highlights its incredible beauty. Collectors of chalcopyrites, fluorites and pyrites will enjoy drifting around these ponds because of their prosperity.

Poland Off The Beaten Path Destinations You Will Require Visit