Greatest Free Travel Apps of 2015

Travelers realize that if you’re on the go, travel programs that are completely free can save daily. Perform just about any effort and it’s so simple to download a program to an Android or iPhone working platform. Travel apps have helped me receive instant directions tally travel expenses, for a hideaway boutique hotel, ship or receive cash, write check my airplane gate, much more and send messages. That is why I wish to discuss some of my beloved travel program discoveries that are free . They will save you money and also the best part is that every one is completely free!


It’s even possible to use these programs. During a recent trip to the Faroe Islands, a family member sent me an urgent text. When his wallet had been stolen he was traveling at a remote part of Africa. He asked if I could send cash and I said yes. I immediately understood that a trip to the cable or bank office could take a few hours. I thought I’d read about. Since I sent the cash he needed instantly for only # 1 to some of 112 24, I was a fanatic that day! I understood that I could really send cash when I travel Once I finished the transaction. If you travel you realize that carrying money or getting money before you’re settled in can be a significant challenge. Azimo enables users to send cash from European countries, also.


GateGuru is totally free, making it quite convenient, which allows you to assess your death gate.  Maybe you have had the thought of finding out that terminal and your flight gate have suddenly changed and then coming a little too late at the first location? Avoid the stress and check out it on this program beforehand. GateGuru lets you get channels of airport transfers and read testimonials of airport restaurants, solutions, and retail shops. Users will acquire real-time updates of the itinerary and airport pointers in the”tips” section.


When you travel time is money. Value daily changes, so I prefer to remain on top of them.  The touchstone foreign exchange prices compiled from leading market data contributors, OANDA Rates ™ is used by OANDA’s currency calculator programs.   The OANDA Currency Converter can variable the typical ATM speed (2 percent ) or charge card rate (3 percent ) to the conversion rate.


I always still think about sending post cards, before I get to the airport but I am usually pressed for a while. I was introduced into Postagram. I send post cards that are actual — from my cell mobile phone and can use my own photographs. Each printed, and the program costs nothing, posted card costs 99 cents, including postage. Folks today love as it’s such an intimate gesture, receiving post cards. Almost no one takes the moment, but telling people you appreciate how much you miss them (although sharing your most recent photos) is always a perfect idea. Amazing!


I have come across this useful iPhone program that allows the destinations I’ve been around the world map are colored by me. Looking gives a great feeling to me and inspires to travel to places I’ve never been around so I can fill in more blanks on this map. I am referring to the ShutterBee program made by a young Aussie start up.  Here is the best thing that I haven’t found in any other program — you are able to upload photos from your past trips and in will get colored on your travel map. That means near all 63 countries I’ve been to are crimson on my map, even though I got ShutterBee. That is just priceless.


Marking the countries you have visited before is really easy. All you need to do is find a photograph you took in every one of those countries, along with the program will get the location info. I shoot at least some pictures with my iPhone my trips on all, even if using other cameras, so there’s always something I can upload to ShutterBee.  The travel map is not the one thing that’s amazing about ShutterBee. The program enables you to post updates from your trips in the form of panoramas, photographs, only check-ins, or even multi-photo stories that have labeled with location and weather. Users may comment on your posts and start following you. You also make new friends, find travel companions and can exchange messages.

If you have some interesting content you are able to gather quite a following composed of ShutterBee users that all seem to be travel buffs genuinely curious about other people’s adventures. You read their opinions and can also view what others are sharing. Who knows, it may give you a sense for your next trip or at least provide a few destinations to grow your ShutterBee bucket list.

Greatest Free Travel Apps of 2015

Regardless of the fact that ShutterBee places itself I find it used by those who seem not to leave town. They adore their home place so much that they are content just posting pictures and stories from there. Nevertheless, those are some of the most popular posts since they provide the insight you could not get from someone who’s only a visitor and the wisdom.

Greatest Free Travel Apps of 2015

ShutterBee is readily available for free from the AppStore. You may find more info on the app’s official Facebook page in

This still has to be my favorite free travel program for the past couple of decades. WhatsApp is the best way to speak from all over the world with my loved ones and company contacts. The best part is that messaging rates do not apply, so when I’m at a WiFi zone overseas, I will use it. I like the voice recording feature when I hurried to sort, and the simple fact that pictures / videos upload.

Now you understand my favorite free travel programs of 2015. Which are yours?