Celebrity Travel Addicts: Nora Dunn of The Expert Hobo

In this edition of Celebrity Travel Addicts, we speak with Nora Dunn, the financial-planner-turned-world-traveler behind The Professional Hobo.

We and Nora chat on her travel destinations, the nation which threw her for the biggest loop, the time she spent as a shaman’s apprentice and far more! Learn more about her and figure out where she is going next!

How did your passion for travel begin?

I guess it is dependent on how far back you wish to go. In the tender age of 9, a life-long dream to”crack the code” of civilizations all over the world was hatched. Concurrently, each summer my love of train travel was born to see with my grandparents. In the age of 16, touring China with a ballet sealed the deal; I was irrevocably in love.

Just how are you traveling in any given year? Which are the sorts?

I traveled full-time for 12 decades. I would rather travel for about half of each year while I now have a house base in Toronto Canada.

You worked as a financial planner before you became a full-time traveler and sold your practice. What was that moment in your life like? Is there anything that you wish you’d known ahead?

The places I see and have seen vary tremendously. I usually do not choose my destinations, but instead to let them choose me, in the form of a exceptional prospect. Such chances before have included things such as filming tv displays (New Zealand, France, Nepal), major eco-treks on llamas (Australia), house-sitting (a dozen countries), residing on boats (the Caribbean), apprenticing with a shaman (Peru), and more, much more.

You resided in Toronto, Canada, before you sold your practice. What makes Canada in general, or Toronto, such a travel destination? What do you suggest when they see, travelers do?

I loved my career as a financial planner. I helped their finances are engineered by folks in order that they could make lifestyles and your own lives of their dreams. But somewhere in there I realized I’d neglected my own dream — one of travel.

You worked into some shaman in Peru. Can you tell us a bit more about that and how that opportunity came about?

While I took vacations, I couldn’t achieve exactly what it is I wanted to do in short stints. My conventional vacation was the longest I’d taken a month from South Africa. I figured it’d be long enough to”crack the code” on the nation, but naturally it was not; I returned home with more questions than answers.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Nora Dunn of The Expert Hobo

What do you want audiences to gain and learn from your job?

Thus, unwilling to wait for a traditional retirement 30 decades later (when I might be reluctant or not able to do what I actually wanted to do on the street ), I sold everything I owned and hit on the street.

Which are the top three destinations you’ve seen?

I didn’t understand until I returned to Toronto after 12 decades of world travel how it truly is! Toronto is the most multi-cultural town on the planet, and as this it is incredibly inclusive and varied. The sheer variety of cuisine alone is heavenly. Additionally, as a former, I love just how much you’ve got to benefit from in cultural standpoint and a arts.

Give us your’Top 5′ list for a few of your top 3 destinations. Like a mini-guide or some to-do listing of types. It can be anything in your favourite resort, best place to get lunch, finest holiday, etc..

Visitors have their pick of galleries, museums, restaurants, character, shopping, and more — all in a proximity. What I propose for travelers is dependent on what folks like to do. There’s a lot!

How many nations have you seen so far?

Like most aspects of my travel lifestyle, my apprenticeship was for. It was 2014, and through a serendipitous course of occasions, I was encouraged to stay at a retreat center in Peru’s Sacred Valley, near a town. While there, then I ended up doing some plant medication ceremonies (ayahuasca and san pedro)  using a shaman who eventually became a teacher and friend.

Which are your top 3 favourite perfumes?

My two decades of working together with plant medication and learning about was life-changing in several regards. While still employed as a shaman’s assistant, while my time in Peru came to an end, I continued my research. But that had a shelf life, and while I am not sure what the future holds, at the moment I am not called to utilize plant medicine for a variety of reasons.

What is your favourite travel film?

Take a look at this post for the full story of those three mind-blowing decades.

What is your preferred airport?

The branding of the website and writing has shifted over the years. When I started blogging, blogging was not”something”, and as this was a glorified journal of my travel adventures. The tagline was”the adventures of a woman with no fixed address” for so several decades.

Which city had the most friendly people?

But somewhere the travel blogging business was bonafide, and from that point I had a fortuitous career as an independent writer, combining my expertise in personal finance and experience.

Who’s your favourite travel companion?

So I wed these two forms of expertise to rebrand my website I teach people how to journey full-time in a financially sustainable manner. The meat of my website is in the shape of Traveling Lifestyle Guides, which are extremely comprehensive articles educating people about of the logistics of producing a travel lifestyle which you can not find everywhere online while I share my journey musings and videos.

What is the perfect method to kill time while traveling?

Traveling is contextual. My enjoyment of this destination has less to do with all the destination and also more to do with everything I am doing, how I’m feeling, and also that I am with.

What is the most exotic location your career has taken you?

Nevertheless, I love New Zealand, continue to be intrigued by Peru, and would like to see more of Switzerland.

What is your piece?

Top five things to do in Peru include eating ceviche, and seeing with the Sacred Valley, Colca Canyon hiking in the hills.

What are without?

I keep losing count. Somewhere around 55!

What is your dream destination?

Vietnamese, Thai, and Also Lebanese.

Chinese, Ethiopian, and Indian are up runners.

Where are you headed next?

Bagdad Cafe.

I am not sure how far it pertains to travel itself, but there’s a small cultural exploration going on. The Darjeeling Limited is Wonderful.


Likely Singapore.

The last time I had a layover that I ate three meals.

The people of New Zealand in general are friendly!

My small stuffed rabbit. He sleeps with me, brings me comfort, is so cute he makes everyone smile, and he never argues with my thoughts.

It is a toss up between working in my pc (I am writing this at the airport while waiting out a trip delay), studying a book, and also listening to music (my fav thing to do while riding on long-distance trains).

It depends on your definition of exotic. India is the area that drove me for the loop. I also plummeted into the depths of grief, all in one and experienced the complete heights of luxury. It was a piece. (More on this ).

Define exactly what you want your journeys to seem like. That will allow you to make your budget and to entice the types of experiences you need to have.

Additionally, the weight of your luggage is just as proportionate to your level of misery on the street. While I travel with luggage, the contents thereof are extremely closely curated.

My laptop (because I want it to work), my reusable foldable shopping bag (used in so many scenarios and saver of gazillions of plastic totes ), my tankless water bottle (I haven’t bought a jar of water from 15+ years), along with my phone (that’s also my camera).

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Nora Dunn of The Expert Hobo

Can’t say there’s an’ve-seen destination. But, Newfoundland in Canada was in my list and I am thrilled to say I’ll be circumnavigating it this October! Really excited.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Nora Dunn of The Expert Hobo

After spending most of the summer in the vicinity of Toronto, I’ll be talking at a conference in Montana (and checking out the place ) in September.

Nora Dunn is also Called The Professional Hobo.

She is among those lifestyle travel bloggers, traveled full-time for 12 decades and having begun her travel lifestyle in 2006. (She’s a home base in Toronto now, and continues to travel for half of each year).

Specializing in slow travel, she has lived in and traveled through over 55 nations. She combines her expertise as a Certified Financial Planner with her lifestyle travel experience, to teach individuals how to journey full-time in a manner that is sustainable.

Nora’s travel experiences vary from the eccentric. She survived three natural disasters, three tropical ailments (seemingly these items come in three ), a near-fatal injury, passport theft, and much more breakups than she would care to acknowledge. She saved around $100,000 receiving free accommodation around the world. She worked in Ecuador as a shaman’s assistant, and even apprenticed with a shaman for a couple of years in Peru.

Throughout her immersive journey adventures, Nora has got a special insight into different places and individuals, thus living out her lifelong fantasy of”hacking” into nearby cultures across the world. Talking and her writing provides levels of instruction, inspiration, and entertainment.

Learn more about Nora Dunn and her travels on Facebook, her Web Site, YouTube, and Twitter.

Celebrity Travel Addicts: Nora Dunn of The Expert Hobo

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